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Get Whiter Teeth After You Quit Smoking

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As most people are well aware, smoking is responsible for a range of unsavory effects on our lives and health.

The major side effects of smoking include a range of health problems, some of which can prove fatal.

This is reason enough to give up this habit but another reason that may inspire you to kick the habit is the effect that smoking can have on your appearance.

Smoking has been linked to early aging and wrinkling of the skin as well as with discoloration of the teeth.

Most people don’t want to have to flash yellow teeth at people each time they talk, smile, laugh, or eat, and this helps to spur them on when it comes to giving up.

Of course, if you do give up you will find that the discoloration from your past smoking will still affect your teeth, so once you’ve kicked the habit you need to look at ways of getting whiter teeth. The good news is that once you have managed to get those pearly whites back to a bright, white color you won’t have to worry about them getting stained by nicotine again once you’ve given up.

Tips to whiten your teeth after you quit

Once you have quit smoking, you will obviously want to get that white smile back again. There are a number of ways in which you can restore whiteness to your teeth after you quit smoking, which includes:

Use whitening toothpaste: If you want to help to restore whiteness to your teeth, invest in a high quality whitening toothpaste. This will help to gradually help to restore some of that whiteness although you shouldn’t expect miracles. This is a product that should form part of your process for getting white teeth rather than being the sole solution you use.

Use a whitening kit: A great way to restore whiteness to your teeth after you quit smoking is to use a home teeth whitening kit. These are easy to use and can make a big difference to the overall appearance and color of your teeth. Make sure you use a safe and natural product that does not contain peroxide, as otherwise you could damage your teeth and gums.

Enjoy a healthy diet: Making sure you enjoy a healthy diet can help to improve the condition and colour of your teeth. There are certain foods that you can eat as part of your diet in order to improve whiteness, including strawberries, carrots, and broccoli amongst others.

Most importantly, in order to ensure you enjoy white teeth on a long term basis, resist the temptation to start up smoking again!