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No votes, so I win!

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I think it's important to understand why we believe strongly in the non peroxide teeth whitening movement that took over the European Union (EU) after peroxide based whitening was banned.

Peroxide teeth whiteners make your teeth weaker and more susceptible to damage over time.  Yes, they do whitener faster, but at what cost. They tend to lead to gum problems and teeth/gum sensitivity. Zero Peroxide's %35 sodium bicarbonate whitening system whitens your teeth, yet it has the ability to strengthen them over time.

Peroxide is not safe for internal consumption because it also damage your gut flora (the healthy bacteria you need).  It doesn't just kill the bad bacteria, but also the good.  Even if you choose not to purchase Zero Peroxide teeth whitening gels or pens, we do hope you will select a non peroxide based whitener the next time you feel your teeth appear yellow.