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A Whiter, Healthier Looking Smile? More Confidence? YOU Could Be Our Next Success Story......

If you are looking for the most effective way to whiten your teeth WITHOUT experiencing any irritation or sensitivity then you are in the right place. But why take our word for it?

Because our whitening kit works, we get many positive comments and feedback from our customers every single week and on this page you will find a small selection of the many we have received. If you want independent proof that Zero Peroxide can significantly whiten your teeth then carry on reading, after all, you could be our next success story.....

Video Testimonial: Sally, Florida, USA *

Sally from USA said that after using Zero Peroxide she has felt more self-confident and all her friends have commented on how happy she looks.

Video Testimonial: Claire, Reading, UK *

Claire from Reading said that her teeth are much whiter than before and she no longer has to hide them when having her photo taken. Now she just has to convince her boyfriend to give it a try too!

Photo Testimonial: Sam, Norwich, UK *

Written Testimonial: J. Robinson, Edinburgh, UK

Video Testimonial: Anne, Lincoln, UK *

Anne from Lincoln says that the tea and tobacco stains she had are virtually gone and her teeth already look a lot healthier. She says she is really impressed and has already begun telling her friends!

Photo Testimonial: Eleanor, Surrey, UK *


Email Testimonial: Jenny, Bristol, UK *

I have to admit I was quite skeptical about whether Zero Peroxide would work as I always thought peroxide was the only way that worked. However, I am very pleasantly surprised by the results - if I had known about this years ago I could have saved myself a few trips to the dentist (not to mention a lot of money too!).


Written Testimonial: Linda, London, UK *



Video Testimonial: Kirsty, Salisbury, UK *

Kirsty from Salisbury says her teeth have gone from a shade number 4 to a number 0.5 - that means her teeth have whitened by 7 shades! Unlike Anne, she says she will not be telling her friends her secret.

Photo Testimonial: Peter, Sunderland, UK *


Written Testimonial: Jane, Carmarthen, UK *



Video Testimonial: Jimmy, Stoke-on-Trent, UK *

Jimmy from Stoke-on-Trent says his teeth are now 8 shades lighter which has made him look younger. As a result, he feels like it has made a big difference to his life as he has got his confidence back!

Email Testimonial: David, Manchester, UK *


My work mates laughed at me when I told them I was using a teeth whitening kit, however, I was undeterred and have now used your kit for 3 weeks and can see considerable improvement. Its a bit of a chore doing it twice a day after a while but now I can see the results it has all been worth it and I don't care what my mates think!


Video Testimonial: Stacey, London, UK *

Stacey from London says she was so eager to get started she had the tray in her mouth within 5 minutes of her Zero Peroxide kit arriving. She has only been using it a few days but is already seeing results.

*Individual Results May Vary*

The New Confident YOU is Trying To Get Out.....

With the help of Zero Peroxide you can....

  • Breeze through job interviews and gain promotion after promotion simply because of your new found 'white smile' confidence
  • Jump to the front when a photo is being taken because you WANT to show off your naturally clean and white teeth
  • Get your friends talking and asking what your secret is as they envy the new, younger-looking YOU
  • Never worry about who sees your teeth or what they think, confidence will ooze out of you as you become the REAL you

This is all possible when you use Zero Peroxide - the worlds safest home teeth whitening system.



 *Individual results may vary. Please consult with your dentist before using any new oral products.